Anchor text – The perfect SEO example

I read an interesting story about the use of Anchor text on incoming links which to me not only highlights good marketing but also great SEO without much effort.

If you pop along to your local and type in the words “click here”, the number one site returned is Adobe’s Acrobat Reader site. The listing doesn’t contain either the word “click” or the word “here”. not in it’s title, it’s description or in its URL. If you click on the link to visit the page, there can’t be any more than 100 words on the page, and the nearest any of the text comes to “click here” is the one mention of “clicking”. So much for keyword density!

So why do Adobe rank as the number one site? Almost everyone who provides information on their site in PDF format provides a link for people to download Acrobat Reader. And how do they do that? With a sentance similar to “To get Acrobat Reader, click here“, and the put the anchor tag on the words “click here”.

So if you want to help boost your ranking on certain keywords, try your best to make sure any incoming links use those keywords as the anchor text in the link. Especially if you are going to have several million incoming links like Adobe!

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